Laura Sachs is a conceptual painter whose practice investigates form, material and philosophical contents. Often minimal in style, her paintings unfold in time and foster ‘a second look’. Her works are marked by plain surfaces and simple, in a sense of monochromatic, coloring. Thereby, the artist places an emphasis on the works’ materiality, exposing the bare canvas or focusing on the apply of the paint. Laura Sachs’ works are precisely crafted excerpts of early Minimalist notions with influences of artists such as Carl Andre where the act of painting suggests a sculptural experience.


Having trained in a class focused on Sculpture at Dusseldorf Academy, her works bear an apparent sculptural element. The artist incorporates elements of fabric, felt or metal strips within her paintings, both structuring size and surface of the canvas and introducing a relief moment to her works. In her series II (2019-), the artist creates steles out of frame and canvas. Hanged on the wall or laid on the ground, these works form and investigation and contemplation of the possibilities o the medium.    


"In philosophy, you get to the bottom of things. This approach still corresponds to my artistic search today."

– Laura Sachs


Laura Sachs was born in 1985 in Darmstadt, Germany. She completed a Master Diploma in Painting in the class of Gregor Schneider at the Dusseldorf Academy of Art, Dusseldorf, DE. Before graduating, the artist was awarded the Kunstförderpreis (Prize for the Promotion of the Arts) by Von Rundstedt, Dusseldorf in 2017. Laura Sachs' work has been featured in various solo and group exhibitions, among them, K21 Kunstsammlung NRW and Museum Kunstpalast, both Dusseldorf. Laura Sachs lives and works in Berlin, DE.