Alteronce Gumby Harrisburg, US, b. 1985

Alteronce Gumby is an abstract contemporary artist, working across different mediums and disciplines. His work explores the visual and societal references of color and form as well as the opportunities within. His paintings subvert traditional understandings of light and color through the nuanced application of glass and paint directly with the artist's fingers and hands. This unique technique stems from the artist‘s concern of constantly redefining color’s meanings and connotations and its grounding within society. Challenging both mind and eye of the viewer, his works push the boundaries of color and form through their intricate web of darkness and light, spatiality and experience. Through his chromatic spectrums of iridescent color, the artist wishes to engage the viewer and expand the notions through which we perceive form and color, race and identity. 


The apparent and striking materiality of the works gives reference to their process of creation and allows the viewer to see and re-feel the literal crafting behind each piece. The often cryptic titles add another level to the paintings‘ experience and disclose some of the artist’s thought behind. Referring to Frank Bowling, Stanley Whitney, Jack Whitten and Robert Rauschenberg as strong influences, Gumby’s artistic technique – as his works themselves - constitute a jigsaw pattern of precise and hidden references, while abandoning traditional forms and techniques. 


“It is hard for me to look at any color in the world and not think of the intentions behind it.“


Alteronce Gumby graduated from Yale University's MFA program where he was awarded the Robert Reed Memorial Scholarship. He holds a BFA from Hunter College, New York and completed a one year-long residency as the Harriet Hale Woolley scholar at the Fondation des États-Unis in Paris, France (2017). He was granted the AAF/Seebacher Prize for Fine Arts as well as the Dumfries House Residency, Ayrshire, Scotland in 2015. Gumby’s work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Parrash Heijnen, Los Angeles, at False Flag and Charles Moffett gallery, both in New York, and the Fondation des États-Unis, Paris. He lives and works in New York, US.