Miguel Machado Artemisa, Cuba, b. 1990

Miguel Machado Suárez approaches his work with antiquarian thoroughness and mixes motions and pictorial styles by using dark and contrasting oil colurs. His works vary greatly - from a kind of neo-baroque and expressionism to a mixture of hyper-realism and postimpressionism. 


He researches intensively and usually begins a painting with a short, self-written story which he then starts to translate onto the canvas. Employing oil painting as his main medium, the artist includes other disciplines ranging from drawing and sculp-ture to animated film. His stories resemble temporal and stylistic journeys which are loosely but intertwinedly connected in the artist's head until they find their final form on the canvas.


The paintings are a hybrid spaces and at the same time places of inner struggle. Miguel's art is intense, challenging and meaningful. His work is based on thorough reflection on the state of humakind in a universal context, and explores the great questions of mankind and their relevance in our contemporary world. The artist often mixes comic elements into his works, creating pictorial worlds that seem to fuse Delacroix and Disney. Thereby, a highly individual, innovative and electrifying style is created which at the one hand is clearly contemporary, while simultaneously conveying a feeling of powerfully  being connected to previous styles. 


„My artistic development has focused on an image process that has been influenced by different cultures. This has helped me better to understand who I am and in what direction I should guide my art. To perceive different cultures and to recognize the differences between them - this helps me to understand the basic common ground that is inherent in all of us. For this reason it is important for me to experience different cultures and also to produce there. I think it is our daily experience that leads to creative ideas."


Miguel Alejandro Machado Suárez was born in 1990 in Artemisa, Cuba. He studied Fine Arts and Painting at the "Instituto Superior de Arte ISA", Havana, and the Academia Profesional "Eduardo Abela" in San Antonio De Los Baños. In 2014, Miguel held a residency at Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT, US. His work has been awarded various prizes, among them the Award as Notable Participating Artist of the Havana Biennial, Havana, and the AHS Award of the Asociacion Hermanos Saínz. He lives and works in Havanna, Cuba.