Publication: Miguel Alejandro Machado Suárez

The monograph Miguel Alejandro Machado Suárez presents a detailed study of the work of the Cuban painter. The publication focuses on four work periods and bodies of work from 2013 until today. The extensive image section is complemented by a comprehensive essay, an interview and biography as well as indicative statements on the working method of the artist. The monograph is the first publication on the work of Miguel Alejandro Machado Suárez.


Release date: 5 March 2021


Miguel A. Machado Suárez, born in 1990 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. He studied Fine Arts and Painting at the "Instituto Superior de Arte ISA", Havana, and at the Academia Profesional "Eduardo Abela" in San Antonio De Los Baños. His work was awarded various prizes, among them the AHS Award of the Asociacion Hermanos Saínz. Miguel A. Machado Suárez lives and works in Havana. The upcoming exhibition "Yo Soy" is Miguel's first solo exhibition in Europe.


Miguel Alejandro Machado Suárez – Yo Soy 

5 March – 17 April 2021