OVR Cuban Art: Luis López-Chávez 12 – 26 February 2021

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Luis López-Chávez


12 February – 26 Februar 2021


Cuban artist Luis López-Chávez created a new series of paintings which corresponds to a formal and thematic genealogy of paintings of common places in the colonial and republican architecture of contemporary Cuba. The Hotel series refers to the transformation of several houses, in quarters or in state institutions. Light and shadow are the fundamental pictorial motifs to describe the Hotel Series. Beyond the inhabitation and the ideology, the Hotel series encompasses each personal story, each context, adding everything to its routine and infinite narrative. This body of work addresses the discourse of loss in national Cuban architecture.


Motivated by the arrangement of tiles in one of the rooms of the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski, framed as archaeological objects, the images are remnants of the old Manzana de Gómez. An unbridgeable aesthetic abyss opens up in the space which exhibits the works. Blunt visual estrangement that hides more poignant, less visible social, political and economic questions. But the principles and foundations of Cuban architecture can still be discovered in those tiles, like an encrypted project. This is the cornerstone of the Hotel series. Fragments of floors that show the deconstruction of Cuban architecture of today.


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Cuban Art: Luis López-Chávez
12 February – 26 February 2021