20 Painters Who Are Shaping the New Decade 2020

Daily Collector, Januar 20, 2020

Alteronce Gumby, Dana James und Franziska Reinbothe in "20 Painters Who Are Shaping the New Decade 2020", Daily Collector, 20. Januar 2020:


"As we enter into the new decade, the revitalized spirit of painting is an insurgent force gaining traction online and in critical circles. At once, standard bearers of the art world rise from institutional halls and New York studios even as populist fervor follows a social media firestorm of painters who are gaining popular attention online. Together, much as in society writ large, insurgent forces with grassroots support are challenging the traditional power centers that have long served as gatekeepers. The new decade will be shaped by artists of all these ilks, testing the limits of cooperation and support between art worlds with opposing origins."