Donald Augustine Wasswa Kampala, Uganda, b. 1984

Donald Augustine Wasswa aka WASWAD is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist. His practice has evolved to encompass sculpture, drawing, 3D painting, and installations. Inspired by nature, humanity and fantasy, Wasswa works with organic materials particularly hard wood from trees that have been damaged which he turns into sculptures in a long process of carving and shaping. 


Wasswa’s 'Elephania' series is a self-created world with dreamy landscapes, elephants and other creatures - an escape from reality. The artist employed the elephant motif to convey the message of wildlife conservation and emphasise the notion of a clean and green environment. Elephant represents the harmonious lifestyle of animals in the jungle and also serves as a social metaphor to the lifestyle of mankind. Unfortunately this large mammal faces imminent threat of extinction in the wild. To popularise the save an elephant campaign, Wasswa has created one of his most popular shows titled 'I Speak Elephanish'.


"I create a perfect world by contrasting the realities of greed, hate and wars, with love, peace and justice under my theme called Elephania."

– Donald Augustine Wasswa


Wasswa’s work encourages conversations about the future of mankind looking at the influence of science and technology in modern societies. He studies the process of transformation with his primary focus on humans versus a given environment, social interactions and the nature of communication involved.


Donald Augustine Wasswa was born in 1984 in Kampala, Uganda. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Vocational Studies Art and Design from Kyambogo University, Kampala. In 2016, Wasswa won the 2nd merit award of Barclay’s L’Atelier and was nominated for the art residency program on the Sylt island. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Uganda, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. In 2019, Wasswa took part in the inaugural of the BISO International Biennial of Sculpture of Ouagadougou. The artist lives and works in Buziga, a suburb in Kampala, where he runs a collective art space Art Punch Studio, founded by him.