Alina Sokolova Uzhgorod, Ukraine, b. 1995

Alina Sokolova is a painter and mixed-media artist, working with traditional painting, video, and installation on a range of socio-political themes. Her work takes a critical view on social and cultural norms, and serves as a research to question political issues and societal phenomena.


Explorations of identity, imaginary borders within the complexity of state governance, activism, dance, performative actions, and feminist practice are themes amongst her video and mixed media works which she investigates. The motifs in Alina Sokolova’s paintings are human figures in group and social interactions intertwined with each other; their joints, hands, and legs assimilate and flow in a choreographed way. With exposing the stories of everyday labor and leisure, she becomes a critical weaver and a meticulous archivist of societal observation.


"Humans stand at the center of any of my paintings. Their coexistence, synergy, interaction, their joint collective aware or unaware choreography, random bodily proximity. I’m interested in the different manifestations of people’s shared, individual, temporary, or inherent movements as a display of current times and changing social phenomena. Because this movement analysis is a big focus of my interest and I’m more analytical in that approach at times, I embed choreographic elements in my works."

– Alina Sokolova


Alina Sokolova, b. in 1995, in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. Alina Sokolova studied Visual Arts at the College of Art A.Erdeli, Uzhgorod, UA, and continued studying in the class of sculpture and installation at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, SK. Alina studied painting, art and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna, AT; where she received a Masters of Fine Arts in 2021. In 2020, Alina was shortlisted for the Pinchuk Art Centre Art Prize, Kyev, UA. Her works were shown in various group shows in Vienna, AT, and throughout Europe, such as the Museum of Western and Oriental Art, Odessa, Ukraine, and the Museum of Art, Zilina, Slovakia, among others. The artist lives and works in Vienna, Austria.