Lucas Kaiser is a German mixed-media artist whose practice encompasses drawing, collage, and printing. His works address the viewer’s perception by an investigation of formal deceptions and the interplay of colour. 


The artist produces mixed-media works with varied layers and formal elements, where he often depicts absurd motives. Often playful and somewhat childish in their outlook, the works confuse through their apparent non-narration and the multiplicity of color. Using a collage technique including embossing and print elements, the paintings ask for a close observation in order to understand their structure and making. This individual and innovative technique presents at the same time a challenging and entertaining artistic approach.


“It is important to me to project a personally ambivalent relationship to the motif and the mode of representation onto possible viewers. Mechanisms of expression in terms of content, such as clumsy horror film tricks, which transform the friendly and idyllic into alienation through formal distortion, are welcome vehicles. I like to set aesthetic stimulation that attracts in order to cause a disruption when approaching more closely, also through formal refractions.“


Lucas Kaiser was born in 1994 in Erding, DE. In 2014, he started his studies in Painting and Graphic design at the HGB Leipzig (Academy of Fine Arts), completing his Master Diploma in spring 2021. In 2019, he held an academic year abroad at the National College of Art in Dublin, IE.  His work has been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions in Germany and Ireland. Lucas Kaiser lives and works in Leipzig, DE.