Daniel Melim São Paulo, Brazil, b. 1979

Daniel Melim is a Brazilian painter and muralist whose work is characterized by the interplay of bold forms and strong colours in a subtle context. Clearly political, the works address themes such as political and institutional crime, corruption, the perception of women in society, equal rights and empowerment, all of which are very present both in his native São Paolo and internationally.


Melim’s technique employs acrylic, latex and spray paint, as well as different printing techniques including stencil. His visual language is marked by discernible, yet often fractured or loose forms and bright, rich colours. The elements within the paintings and prints relate to or are taken from pop and comic imagery and often include text and numbers, adding to their interpretatorial content. The works, thus, consist of several layers, both visually and with regard to their subject, emphasized by the intense colouring: the forms and colours seem to convey the urgency of the issues confronted. The artist’s visual language is a product of his experiences of his urban surroundings and is strongly influenced by his urban intervention works.  


In addition to his major pictorial body of work, Melim is one of Brazil’s leading contemporary muralists. Since 2000, Daniel Melim develops urban interventions using stencil rescuing this style, which is, historically, the origin of Urban Arts in Brazil. His production is characterized by the selection of locations, seeking deteriorated spaces which provide numerous compositional elements (colour, texture, position). Part of these works are located in distant neighbourhoods of the ABC Paulista (São Paulo‘s suburbs), - as Jardim Limpão Project - therefore reaching an audience that usually have little access to art. Daniel Melim has a long-standing involvement in political and social projects in his city’s communities, incorporating graffiti into participatory and educational processes. He has worked as an art educator and coordinator in numerous social projects in São Paulo and the city’s suburbs. 


Daniel Melim was born in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, in 1979. In 2005, he graduated from the Faculdade Santa Marcelina with a MA degree in Visual Languages, after completing his BA in Sculpture at the Centro Universitário Teresa D’Ávila, both São Paolo. His pictorial work has been widely exhibited in both Brazil and abroad, among others at the Afro-Brasil Museum (2016) and the Museu de Arte (2009), both São Paolo; the Institute of Brazil, Basel, CH (2011), the Valencia Biennale, Valencia, ES (2007). His murals are published within various Urban Arts publications. Daniel Melim lives and works in São Paulo, BR.