Gideon Appah Accra, Ghana, b. 1989

Gideon Appah lives and works in Accra, Ghana. He has been working with mixed media and salvaged objects during the past years. His work is greatly influenced by imagery and marks of temporary structures and informal signage of the socio-cultural/economic landscape of Accra's urban spaces.


He draws on the West African childhood narrative that most people feel very connected to. Using a myriad of mediums including text, images, found objects and collage, Appah expresses his fascination and concern regarding contemporary media and popular culture. He interlaces physical space with imagination as he mixes copies of family photographs into his canvas.


Appah says that his works are very much a result of a continuous strange imagining of a nonexistent world, with a need to find answers, recreate that space, and to give new life within the paintings.