Tahir Carl Karmali Nairobi, Kenya, b. 1987

Tahir Carl Karmali lives and works in New York, NY, US. He is  is a process-based conceptual artist whose work spans printing, installation, sculpture, and photography. His interest in material and processes is integral to how he communicates narratives centered around  global environmental and socioeconomic factors. This incorporates specially sourced materials to emphasize a narrative that exposes a raw emotional attachment to memory, both personal and collective.

Karmali received his Masters of Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts, New York. Selected exhibitions include the travelling exhibition “Jua Kali”, a part of “Making Africa” and “PAPER:Work”, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn.
"I am an investigator of materials and vernacular design. Focussing on their underlying source – as currency, as markers of cultural identity, or as exploitable artifact. I am interested in transforming these materials into varying formats that are deceptive, as an art form, allowing the viewer to savor them as primary material before a layer of trauma slowly reveals itself.
My work is based not only on my own physical experience of moving between borders, and globally diverse cultures but also on how certain elemental materials move through these same routes and are thus transformed per their use value in each space, including the art world.“