Zean Cabangis Philippines, b. 1985

Zean Cabangis is a Filipino contemporary artist whose practice combines photographic documentation and painting to create multi-layered works which explore interconnections within the mundane. Through emulsification, Cabangis transfers images from photographs he takes during bike rides on to canvas. He intentionally takes rides without purpose or destination and asks himself, “Where am I going?” Repeatedly and without arriving at an answer. It is through his production that connects his physical body to representative imagery.


By intentionally navigating his environment without intent, Zean Cabangis, looks to represent memory and the subconscious by uncovering , scratching, peeling, and painting the photographs he transfers. He replicates the  emotional and physical self he experiences while traveling through the art making process. It is through this, that Cabangis finds overlaid meanings in everyday life and the spaces he encounters.


Zean Cabangis (b. 1985 in Tayabas, PH) graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines. Having won the prize of Most Outstanding Thesis of 2006, he graduated from his BFA programme in 2007. Cabagnis has had solo exhibitions at Artinformal, Silverlens, and Now Gallery in Manila, Philippines. He has also participated in group exhibitions at Gravity Art Space; Salud Bistro Gallery; Blan Gallery; Kaida Gallery; Cubao Expo; The Cultural Center of the Philippines; Boston Gallery; The Forth Gallery; Whitebox Studio and West Gallery in Quezon City.

He also exhibited in various cities in the Philippines: Baguio City, Makati City, Kamuning and as well as international spaces in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Singapore. Furthermore, he has received recognition for his work through the Ateneo Art Awards, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and University of the Philippines. Zean Cabagnis lives and works in Laguna, Philippines.