Katharina Arndt German, b. 1981

Katharina Arndt is a contemporary artist from Germany who works in the media of installation, painting, drawing, and mixed media. Her fast and colorful paintings ironize the contemporary mass consumerist aesthetic of a decadent, abundant society in picturing her everyday life in the digital age. For Katharina Arndt, the symbol of the social, cultural, material of the hyper-real and at the same time immaterial online world, functions as an aesthetic of an ever pleasing visual culture to enhance sales and consumer society. In her works of word art in neon letters, figurative drawings, and paintings, she visualizes the aesthetics of mass consumption in the digital age and draws her observation of digital communication behaviour and  re-contextualizes her surroundings and environment.


“Every day we swipe the shiny screen of our smartphones countless times, the bodies are hairless, the edges are round, the sunglasses are mirrored. The smooth appears as a metaphor for non-resistance, eternal youth, as artificial, uncritical, superficial, conformist.”

– Katharina Arndt 


Fast, reduced, sometimes glossy, superficial; Katharina Arndt is scribbling and drawing her motifs which function as an artistic mirror of the amount and speed she perceives in public scenery. “The characters in my pictures often wear sunglasses, stick to their cell phones, and wear headphones. You are socially highly active and at the same time socially isolated, e.g. B. the young man on the beach ("Walk the Dog"): He is so busy, almost stressed, that he does not notice anything around him. Likewise the couple in the café ("The Couple"), who are together and yet also communicate digitally with others. I see my works as psychograms of a positivistic consumer society that tries to escape its own impermanence.”


Katharina Arndt (b.1981) studied Fine Arts at HBK, Braunschweig University of Art, DE, where she obtained her Master of Fine Arts in the class of John Armleder in 2006. She has shown in various solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe, such as her latest solo presentation at Uvxal Gochez Gallery Barcelona, ESP and the Sommer.Frische.Kunst Festival in Bad Gadstein, AT. Additionally, her work has been shown in several galleries and museums in Europe. Her works are in the collections of Saatchi Gallery, London, UK, Museum Villa Rot Burgrieden, DE, Kunstverein Hannover, DE, among others. Katharina Arndt lives and works in Berlin, DE, and Barcelona, ES.